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Teddy 2019 edited for

Teddy`s Dream Hunt 2019

Meet Teddy

At the age of 10, Teddy was a typical kid and athlete who excelled in football and wrestling. In fact, he placed 11th in his weight class at the State wrestling tournament. The following year would prove to be much different. It was December 2013. Teddy was once again slated to compete in the State wrestling competition, but he began suffering from headaches and nausea. Teddy was later misdiagnosed with a severe sinus infection. The symptoms continued for more than two months, increasing in severity along with weakness to the right side of his body. A second diagnosis would deliver the devastating blow – Pineoblastoma, a very rare aggressive cancer occurring mostly in young children - an inoperable brain tumor. Not just one, but two in his Pineal Gland. The treatments that followed would harshly affect Teddy's health. He dropped 80 lbs. in 8 short weeks and became wheel-chair bound for almost a year due to the deterioration in his leg muscles.

Teddy’s condition has remained stable thus far. His doctors are confident that when he reaches the five-year mark, the cancer is less likely to return. Teddy will be seen by his doctors in August for his 5-year check-up!

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